Vivi is the Jellyfish Princess. She is a very cheerful girl and her big dream is to one day be a famous singer. She lives in a beautiful palace, a little different from those of the other kingdoms in Salacia - it floats along with the ocean current, following the jellyfish wherever they go. As such, it is hard for Vivi to keep to her commitments as she often tends to be late.

In The Trick, Vivi is shown to be a trickster at school and the best one at it, since no one has ever been able to outsmart or out-trick her despite Ester and Tubarina's attempts to do so. Eventually, Ester and Tubarina manage to think up "the ultimate trick" with the help of a reluctant Polvina - they lure her to the Crystal Cavern under the excuse of having her help them find Polvina, but in actuality, they intend to use Tentie to scare her by having him act as a monster. However, when Polvina actually becomes lost in the cave, Ester and Tubarina decide to get Vivi to help find her, only to find themselves lost as well. In actuality, Polvina decided to hide herself in the cave, while leaving a trail of pebbles from the entrance so they could find their way out, and waited until Ester, Tubarina and Vivi declare that they have become fed up with tricks to reveal herself.

Vivi is 7 years old and has the zodiac of Aquarius (♒).