Veto is Tubarina's brother and therefore, the Shark Prince. He returns home from boarding school to visit his family. Veto's return attracts attention from his parents and cousin, Marcello, often causing Tubarina to feel like she does not receive enough attention. Veto bosses Tubarina around, making her feel like a servant.

Tubarina discovers Veto's letter, stating his intention to quit the sports program at school, instead taking up art. Tubarina decides to blackmail Veto with the letter, saying that she will tell the Shark King about the letter if Veto does not do what she says. This is met with disapproval from Polvina and Ester, so Tubarina decides to talk to Veto and give the letter back to him. However, Veto has already decided to tell his father about his decision. The Shark King is initially angry, but he is elated at the fact that his children have agreed on allowing Veto to take up art at school. The Shark King allows Veto to do so.

Veto's voice sounds like Marcello's, so it can be deduced that he is voiced by Dan Wylie.

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