Hello again! It's me.

I'll be blunt. Ever since Sea Princesses got Z U C C E D on YouTube , I've been thinking of subbing the series myself. However, unlike the mystery 4chan subber, I can't do it alone. The raws I have don't have subtitles so they need to be timed, and I don't know a lot of Spanish, so I can't really do a lot about that. However, I would be more than happy to help with typesetting and encoding.

Basically, for this group, I will be needing translators, timers and the like - basically the roles you can find in any fansub group. I don't want to hire just one because of efficiency reasons, so I will be needing backup and understudy roles as well. Translators will need to be fluent in both Spanish and English, obviously. Experience with Aegisub is also suggested, so if you are already a member of a fansub group, you are likely to get an advantage over those who aren't.

If you are interested in helping me out with this fansub group, please contact me via my Facebook page . Even still, it would be really great if I had the mystery 4chan subber on my team, but I'll just have to manage for the time being.

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