I'm pretty sure no one ever reads these blogs, but if you are, I hope that you can help us with this wiki. I have a list of priority episodes on this blog post that contain new character details to be added. If you can help with those episodes, please contact me as I would really appreciate your help.

Now, I'd like to tell you that I'm an absolute idiot. A couple of months ago, after Sea Princesses ended on ABC Me, I discovered a program I could use to download episodes from their catchup service. If I had discovered that program right at the start of last year when I started on this wiki, I would probably have made a bigger contribution to it, particularly with the transcripts (as there were links to them on the episode list).

Regardless, I have managed to download two episodes from said service - namely The Runaway Grandmother and Size Matters. I managed to download the subtitles from the episodes as well, so hopefully I can think about doing the transcripts from those episodes (if it ever comes to mind)!

Outside of the service, I have also managed to download another two episodes in the past - namely Lost and The Big Game, the latter of which is still available online.

If I had managed to download (at least) all of the Season 1 episodes or get them on DVD, then maybe I would give them to a website like KissCartoon, because frankly, I'm tired of having to see all those non-English versions of Sea Princesses on YouTube.

Right now, I'm praying for the ABC to put Sea Princesses back on the air so I can download them. I just hope I can be there to download them so that I can be sure of everything.

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