Right, so I've been praying and complaining over the past few months for the ABC (in Australia) to broadcast Sea Princesses again. So far, there hasn't been any signs of this happening, but recently, I discovered a couple of things that I think will interest you all.

Firstly, a couple more episodes of Sea Princesses have been uploaded to YouTube with English voices. However, they are just the two episodes that I have also managed to salvage off iView (The Runaway Grandmother and Size Matters).

However, this second piece of news is even more exciting than the first one. An unknown user has managed to download the Spanish-dubbed episodes and reupload them back to YouTube with English subtitles. At the time of writing, the user has only uploaded two episodes, so it will take a bit of time for him to subtitle the entire series. The user's channel can be found here . I would also like to thank him for saving us (and particularly me) the trouble of waiting for an executive decision from the ABC to replay Sea Princesses again.

While I encourage the usage of these subtitled episodes as research material for the wiki, I would suggest that you not use these episodes for the transcripts unless absolutely necessary, as I intend on acquiring the English-dubbed episodes for that purpose.

UPDATE: 4 March 2017 - Just discovered that our mystery subber is a 4chan anon who hosts something called "Sea Princesses Wednesday" on the /co/ board. I want to thank him again for his work, but I would probably want to mention to him that if he posted more than one episode per week, it would make my job a lot easier...

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