Tubarina Get the ball, Hugo.
Ester: [laughing]
Tubarina Polvina, stop her!
Ester: Beat you, Polvina
Tubarina It's up to me.
Ester: Finish it up, Marcello
Ester and Marcello: [cheering]
Polvina: Great play.
Maurico: It was better than great. That was an awesome goal, Marcello.
Tubarina What's Maurico on about?
Polvina: It was you who set up the goal, Ester.
Maurico: Marcello, Hugo, you're in.
Hugo We're in? Eh, in what?
Maurico: We're forming a new team, for the Flubberball Little League.
Marcello: Brilliant.
Tubarina Eh, what about Ester?
Polvina: You need her too.
Maurico: The Little League isn't kids stuff like this, it's not for girls.
Polvina: There are no rules against girls playing in the Little League.
Maurico: The rules are my rules. Rule 1; no girls. Rule 2; who cares what rule two is, as long as no girls are playing. Come on, guys, I'll explain all about our team strategies.
Marcello: There's no way we can miss this.
Hugo Sorry.
Polvina Cloud you believe that Maurico.
Tubarnia He is such a lump.
Ester It's cool, he's got a surprise coming.
Polvina What surprise?
Ester Hm, I don't know, but when I think of it, I'll promise it would be surprising.
Tubarina Would it help that my father is the President of the Flubberball Little League?
Ester Now you're talking!

Maurico: Good morning, your highness.
King Shark: Good morning to you, Urchin Prince Maurico.
Maurico: Is this where you sign up for the Little League, Sir?
King Shark: So, you wish to join?
Maurico: I do, Sir. And this is my team.
King Shark: This is wonderful! [chuckle] We never had so many teams wanting to play, and this is terrible.
Maurico: I don't get it, Sir.
King Shark: We have an opening for only one more team, there's two teams wanting to join.
Marcello: Two teams?
Maurico: Who else?
Ester Us!
Maurico: You?
Tubarnia You wanted it to be a surprise. I think he's very surprised.
Shark King: Under the Flubberball Little League rules, your two teams must play-off for the final spot in the league.
Hugo A play-off?
Maurico: No problem, your highness. We need a good practice, boys. Not that these girls would be much of a challenge.
Ester We're gonna whip you silly!
Maurico: You are gonna get a lesson, you'll never forget.
Ester Oh, yeah?
Maurico: Yeah.
Tubarnia Are we gonna play this game, or what?
Marcello: We're ready to go
Ester So am I!
Maurico: And so am I!

Maurico: Just remember, boys, winners are grinners.
Ester Don't forget, girls, loosing is not an option.
Maurico: Whenever you're ready.
Ester I'm always ready.
Marcello: Mine!
Hugo: I got it.
Ester No you haven't!
Maurico: Too slow.
Tubarnia Get ready, Polvina.
Polvina I see him.
Tubarnia and Polvina Ow!
The boys: [cheering]
Ester Not a problem, girls, it's only one goal, the next one's our for sure.
Maurico: Right, let's pile it on, guys.
Ester Here we go, girls. First goal coming up.
Marcello: I'm open, Maurico.
Hugo: Me, me.
Maurico: I'm doing this one myself.
Ester You were doing it.
The girls: [cheering]
Ester We're on our way.
Maurico: You got lucky, losers.
Ester There's only three losers around here, and none of them are girls.
Maurico: Time-out.
Ester To win this, I want 110% from both of you.
Polvina But, Ester, you can only give 100% of anything. That's the maximum amount.
Ester What I'm saying is, I want no half-measures.
Polvina Half-measures of what?
Ester Of effort. I want all of your effort.
Tubarnia: Oh, but why didn't you just say that in the first place?
Maurico: Okay, guys. I want you to really pull out your socks.
Hugo: But I'm not wearing socks.
Maurico: You have to be hungry.
Marcello: But I had a huge breakfast, no way I'm hungry yet.
Hugo: I'm a little hungry.
Maurico: Listen, you dummies. I'm not talking about socks or breakfast.
Hugo: What are you talking about, then?
Maurico: I want you to go all out to win.
Marcello: Then why didn't you just say that before?

Maurico: Time to finish you off.
Ester: You have two chances; zero and zero.
Marcello: Where are you going?
Maurico: Out of my way
Ester: You're in my way. Woah, ???, stop.
Maurico: Woah. Looks like it's game over. That's the Abyssal Kingdom down there.
Ester: Not scared, are you?
Maurico: Me? I'm not scared. I just don't want you to go all cry-baby.
Ester: I'm not afraid of the Abyssal Kingdom.
Maurico: Fine then, let's play on.
Ester: Come on, Panjo, let's get that ball back. Yeah, woho!
[seahorses screaming]
Maurico: Easy there.
Ester: Calm down, Panjo. What are we gonna do without our seahorses.
Maurico: You do what you like, I'm getting that ball.
Ester: Not if I get it first!

Polvina: Ester!
Marcello: Maurico.
Hugo: Where could they have gone?
Tubarina: We're supposed to be playing a game.
Marcello: I've got an idea.
Tubarina: Oh, that's a change.
Marcello: Why don't we call the game off?
Polvina: To be honest, I wasn't enjoying it that much.
Tubarina: Ester and Maurico were being pretty boring.
Marcello: Yeah, what's the point of joining the Little League if it's not fun.
Tubarina: For once, cousin, I totally agree with you.
Polvina: Maybe there's a way we could do something about it then?

Maurico: At last. I never though we would get here.
Ester: Not nervous are you? Sure you don't want to head back?
Maurico: ???, no way. It's gonna be hard to find the ball down here.
Ester: Duh, it's the Abyssal Kingdom.
Maurico: Wait a minute, I see it!
Ester: Oh, I'll get it.
Maurico: No, I saw it first. That was our ball, you crazy fish.
[fish roar]
Maurico: Sorry, no offence. Hope you enjoyed it.
[fish roar]
Maurico: Now what do we do?
Bia: Who dare disturb the peace of the Abyssal Kingdom?!
Maurico: Who's, what's that?
Ester: What's the matter, not scared of the little noise, are we?
Maurico: No, but...
Bia: [giggle] It's okay, it's just me.
Ester: Hi, Bia.
Bia: Hi, Ester.
Ester: This is Maurico, the Sea Urchin Prince.
Bia: Oh, hi, Maurico. I'm Bia, Princess of the Abyssal Kingdom. Sorry about the bossy voice. [giggle]
Maurico: Eh, okay. Hi.
Slipper: [gibberish]
Bia: They're doing it again, Slipper? What is it this time?
Ester: What's wrong?
Bia: [sigh] Giant squid trouble, and you know the only thing worse than trouble with a giant squid?
Maurico: What's that?
Bia: Trouble with two of them.

[giant squids arguing]
Bia: Oh, I knew it. Those two are fighting again.
Ester: What about?
Bia: Like always, nothing much.
[giant squids]
Bia: Stop this right now, you two. Wah!
Ester: Are you alright?
Bia: Yeah, I'll be okay.
[giant squids arguing]
Maurico: How long will they keep this up?
Bia: Days, it's so silly when they argue. I don't know how to stop them.
Ester: I do.
Bia: Eh, be careful, Ester.
Ester: Okay, you two. You want to throw mud, then go ahead and throw.
[mud throwing]
Bia: Oh-no, they're too fast for her.
Maurico: But they won't be too fast for both of us. Need some help?
Ester: From you? Never.
Maurico: You're getting it anyway.
[mud throwing]
Maurico: I thought I did that really well.
Ester: You?
Maurico: And you too. You helped, a little.
Bia: You two, come out here. Let's be quick about it. Are we feeling a little silly now?
[giant squids talking]
Bia: Okay, so no more arguing, right?
[giant squids talking]
Bia: Good, now, go off and be friends together.
[giant squids talking]

Bia: Next stop, Salacia.
Maurico: Thanks for the ride, Bia.
Bia: No problem, thanks for teaching those squids a lesson.
Ester: It was you who gave us the lesson.
Bia: Really?
Maurico: Yeah, so you helped us twice.
Bia: Eh, I don't have a clue of what you're talking about. But, if you're happy, then I'm happy. Se you later.
Bia and Maurico: Bye.

King Shark: Congratulations, I look forward to see you on the weekend.
All other: Thank you, your highness.
Maurico: What's going on?
Marcello: We were entering our team in the Little League.
Maurico: Who was?
Tubarina: The four of us.
Ester: But what about us two?
Tubarina: Ah, maybe we could find a place for you.
Polvina: But you have to prove to us that you work for the good of the team and not just yourselves.
Hugo: Yeah, and not saying anything confusing about socks.

Ester: I suppose we deserve this.
Maurico: I guess.
Maurico: We're on!
Ester: Who wants a drink?
Hugo: You bet.
Maurico: Take as much as you want.
Ester: Anybody need a back rub?
Maurico: A cool towel?
Tubarina: Hm, you know something, I think you two are turning to real team players.
Polvina: I'd love to know what happened to make you change so much.
Maurico: You wouldn't believe it if we told you.
Ester: Let's just say; we found it was much easier to work together than on our own.
Marcello: Cool. So, welcome to the team.
All: [cheer and laughter]