Tarrow is a turtle who appears in The Brave Turtle.

At the start of the story, Tarrow is afraid of the sea due to the noisy carriages the Drylanders use. As a result, Tarrow lives on the sand dunes and Tata has to feed him daily.

With help from Tubarina, Polvina and Ester, they convince Tarrow that he is a brave turtle. When Tarro fails to go back into the sea after being scared by a Drylander carriage, Ester gives him The Eye of the Starfish, which has been in her family for generations, claiming that it can cure any fear and protect one from anything. Ester states that she made it up so that Tarrow can have confidence.

However, Tarrow becomes overconfident and attempts to scare off some Drylanders. Chasing them onto their carriage, he climbs on and attempts to destroy it, but accidentally activates it in the process. When Tarrow realises that he lost the Eye of the Starfish that Ester gave him, he becomes scared again. The boat goes on a course for Dryland, however Tarrow, regaining his confidence, asks the four princesses to push him onto the wheel so that he can turn it away from Dryland.

The carriage eventually runs out of fuel (gets tired) and everyone jumps back into the sea. Tata helps Tarrow find him a new home.


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