Sea Princesses (known as Princesas do Mar in Brazil) is a series of children's books created by the Brazilian writer and cartoonist Fábio Yabu. Their first book was released in 2004 by publisher Panda Books; due to the success nine other books were made.

In 2007 it was adapted into a cartoon produced by Brazillian studio Flamma Films, Spanish studio Neptuno Films & the Australian distributor Southern Star Entertainment (now EndemolShine Australia). It was dubbed into 11 languages and broadcast in 50 countries around the world.

Plot Edit

The stories are set in the world of Salacia, a hidden kingdom under the sea, full of princes and princesses from kingdoms representing different animal species. Fearing an inevitable conflict with the people of Terra Firma (Drylanders), the kings and queens of the sea forbid their daughters and sons to have any contact with the surface people, who are completely unaware of Salacia's existence. Three princesses, namely Polvina, the Octopus Princess, Tubarina, the Shark Princess and Ester, the Starfish Princess, live, go to school and play together as friends, unravelling the mysteries of Salacia on their many adventures.

List of books Edit

Portuguese Title English Translated Title Release Year

Main series

Princesas do Mar Sea Princesses 2004
Princesas do Mar - Uma Sombra na Água A Shadow on the Water 2006
Princesas do Mar - As Cartas de Vento Letters of the Wind 2007
Princesas do Mar - A Balada da Princesa Esquecida Ballad of the Forgotten Princess 2009
Princesas do Mar – O Desafio dos Tubarões Challenge of the Sharks 2010
Princesas do Mar – O Monstro no Fundo do Mar The Monster from the Bottom of the Sea 2010

Literacy books (published by Panda Books)

Princesas do Mar - Mistério da Escola do Mar The Sea School's Mystery 2008
Princesas do Mar - O Peixe Lendário The Legendary Fish 2008
Princesas do Mar - Tartarugas em Perigo Turtles in Danger 2009
Princesas do Mar - O Pequeno Herói The Little Hero 2009
Educational books with flip panels (published by CMS)
Princesas do Mar - As Cores Colours 2005
Princesas do Mar - As Letras Letters 2005
Princesas do Mar - Os Animais Animals 2005
Princesas do Mar - Os Números Numbers 2005
Bathtime books (published by Ciranda Cultural)
Princesas do Mar - Banho Com a Tubarina Bath with Tubarina 2010
Princesas do Mar - Banho Com a Ester Bath with Ester 2010
Princesas do Mar - Banho Com a Polvina Bath with Polvina 2010
Princesas do Mar - Banho Com a Tata Bath with Tata 2010

Short stories Edit

In addition to the books and cartoon series, the author, Fábio Yabu, has also published two short stories on the official Princesas do Mar website. They provide a slightly dark and surreal twist for several characters in the series.

Localized titles Edit

  • English — Sea Princesses
  • Arabic — أميرات البحر (amirat albahr)
  • Czech — Mořské princezny
  • French — Princesses des Mers
  • German — Die Meeresprinzessinnen
  • Hungarian — A tenger hercegnői
  • Italian — Le Principesse del mare
  • Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) — Princesas do Mar
  • Romanian — Prinţesele mării
  • Serbian — Morske princeze
  • Slovene — Morske princese
  • Spanish (Latin America) — Princesas del Mar
  • Spanish (Spain) — El reino de acuática

Broadcast channels Edit

List of countries and channels that have broadcast Sea Princesses
Australia Seven Network, ABC Me (formerly ABC3)
Arab World (MENA region, Middle East and North Africa) Baraem, JeemTV
Brazil/Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Chile etc.) Discovery Kids
Central Europe (Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic etc.) Minimax, KiWi TV (Hungary)
France Piwi+
Germany KiKA
Italy RaiSat Smash, Rai 2, Rai YoYo
Portugal RTP2 (ZigZag block)
Romania TVR 2
Spain Disney Channel, Disney Junior
United States Discovery Familia