Salacia is the goddess of the sea, according to ancient Roman mythology. It is also the name for the kingdom where the Sea Princesses series is set.

Salacia (kingdom) Edit

The Kingdom of Salacia is located in the ocean. It is where the many kingdoms reside.

In Salacia, each species speaks a different language. Only the royal family of that particular species can understand them. If someone from another kingdom were to listen to a different creature talk (eg. Leia, the whale princess listening to a shark), they would not understand unless a member of that particular royal family (Tubarina or her family) was present to translate.

The Salacians speak a common language that they can understand. When they speak that language to a sea creature they represent, they will understand what he or she is saying to them.

Salacia (deity) Edit

Salacia created the many kingdoms to care for all the sea creatures, the plants, the rocks and the reefs. Then, she appointed one species to look over everything, which causes conflict between Tubarina, Ester and Polvina when they attempt to determine which species it was. It turns out that the conflict was caused when each kingdoms' copy of the History of Salacia stated to each of their species that they were the guardians of Salacia. The pages regarding the Guardians were torn out from the library's copy of the book.

When Tubarina, Ester and Polvina visit the ruins of Salacia, they discover a riddle: "Here the truth of the Guardians be, speak it and you will see". After speaking the answer - "the truth of the Guardians", the throne opens up to reveal another book - another copy of the History of Salacia. They eventually discover that the Guardians are the blowfish.

At this point, the blowfish and the princesses can understand each other. It is revealed that the blowfish, being the Guardians of Salacia, can understand every language. However, the blowfish tell the princesses to keep that fact secret, possibly to continue the illusion that each species are the Guardians and so that they can continue their duties without being noticed.

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