Polvina is the Octopus Princess.


She has pink hair in the shape of an octopus like a crown representing her kingdom; she wears a matching skirt and pink top.

Polvina is a quiet and peaceful girl, timid as octopuses. Her best friends are Ester and Tubarina, who always live great adventures. She loves to read and draw and has a pet octopus named Tentie.

She is very smart and fun and always has a solution when she or her friends are in trouble or in serious trouble.

Polvina is 7 years old and has the sign of Taurus (♉️).

Voice actorsEdit

Isabella Dunwill (English)
Helena Palomanes (Brazilian Portuguese)
Ariela Yuri (Latin American Spanish)
Sonja Stein (German)
Anna Lamboni (Hungarian)
Taska Balabanova (Serbian)

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