Ping, along with his companion Patchy, are a pair of dolphins.

In their debut story A Weighty Problem, they are enlisted by Tubarina and Delfi to have Gummy accompany them so that he can lose some weight. However, the two dolphins get caught in a drift net. While Gummy goes to distract the Drylanders controlling the drift net, Tubarina and Delfi, along with Polvina and Ester help Ping and Patchy free from the net. They then summon their pod to help free Gummy, who has become trapped in a net that was fired at him.

Later, in The Great Escape, Ping and Patchy meet another dolphin, Nub, while they are playing with Tubarina, Polvina, Ester and Delfi. However, Nub leads them to a trap, causing them to be captured by the same Drylanders who attempted to capture them in their previous encounter.

Tubarina and the others follow the Drylanders to an aquarium (a big cage for dolphins). The next morning, they reassemble in order to rescue Ping and Patchy. They discover Nub captured as well, along with two more dolphins. The princesses eventually rescue the dolphins. Though Ping and Patchy are initally untrustful of Nub at first, they allow him to join their pod.

Ping Patchy

Ping (front) with Patchy (back) and Delfi

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