Maurico is the Sea Urchin Prince. He does not understand girls very much, nor does he make it a point to understand them. However, he love to mischievously scare girls with his thorny crown. He likes to be known as a "bad boy", but everyone knows that deep down, Maurico is a good boy. From time to time, he has some very annoying discussions with Tubarina, causing Miss Marla to punish the two of them.

In The Big Game, Maurico is forming a team for the Flubberball Little League. He allows Marcelo and Hugo to join his team, but not Polvina, Ester or Tubarina, claiming that the Little League "is not for girls". Maurcio and Ester have a play-off to determine which of their teams can enter the Little League, but they end up being so focused on winning the play-off for themselves that they end up losing the ball. They eventually retrieve the ball from the Abysmal Kingdom with help from Bia, but the two end up missing out on their spot in the league, having been taken by the other four princes and princesses. Maurico and Ester eventually learn how to be team players and are welcomed to the team.

Maurico is 7 years old and has the sign of Aries.