Ester is the Starfish Princess, and Polvina's best friend. She usually visits the Octopus Palace from time to time, especially after school and on weekends. Esther is a very curious girl, who loves to read and watch documentaries on cable television. She dreams to know about Dryland and also the stars in the sky. She also has a pet starfish named Spikey.

Ester is interested in love and romance, however she only sees one side of people, which causes her to not realise their true faces, as shown with her one-time love interest, Caton.

Ester is 7 years old and has the sign of Virgo.

Voice actorsEdit

Katherine Beck (English)
Marya Paula Medeiros (Brazilian Portuguese)
Carolina Highet (Latin American Spanish)
Céline Fontanges (German)
Zorica Pančić (Serbian)