Drylanders are human beings living on the land. The first rule of Salacia is not to be seen by a Drylander.

One notable case of this rule being broken was when Tubarina, Ester, Polvina and Leia met a boy who then helped some beached whales back into the sea.

Another case was when Tubarina, Ester and Polvina found a baby Drylander in a cave, but Tubarina says, "it's not like he can tell anyone about us".

In The Dare, Marcelo and Ester dared each other to show themselves to a Drylander, but they decide to back out of the dare just as a team of swimmers are racing in the sea. They attempt to blend in with the crowd, but as they are "leading" the race, they fall back to blend in. With help from Tubarina and a shark, the swimmers scatter.

In The Pirates, Caramelo encountered a Drylander ship while in search of an adventure. Believing that there were pirates attacking the children on the boat, Caramelo attempted to rescue them, but it turned out to be a party and the "pirates" were just actors.

Some Drylander marine equipments, such as boats (floating carriages) and hooks, are regarded with fear and dread by the Salacians.

Salacian to English vocabularyEdit

Dryland: the beach, the shore, human civilization

Drylanders: humans, land-dwelling people

Floating carriage: boat or raft

Head top: hat

Small cave: a closed space, like an oceanarium control room

Wave rider: Surfer