Caramelo is the Prince of Sea Snails. He wears glasses and uses complicated words. In his appearance in The Pirates, Caramelo is in search of an adventure after being inspired by Tubarina, Ester and Polvina's stories. While searching for an adventure, Caramelo encounters a Drylander vessel, where he finds children in danger from attacking pirates. Caramelo climbs onto the vessel with the intent of saving the children, using a disguise made of items he finds in a box. Caramelo traps the "pirates", but the pirate invasion turns out to be a dress-up party.

However, the vessel is on course for some rocks. With help from Tubarina, Ester and Polvina, Caramelo manages to turn the vessel around and return to safety, with the children believing that it was part of the party. They free the "pirates" before returning home. Caramelo, having had enough of adventures, decides to return to the library.

Voice actorsEdit

Jamie Croft (English)