Camarina is the Shrimp Princess. While she loves to play with her little friends, she also loves to play with the Clownfish Princesses, Juli and Jessi, in the Anemone Kingdom. She can summon groups of shrimps with a high-pitched call.

In Size Matters, Camarina takes Polvina, Ester and Tubarina to where some shrimps saw a monster which was "shiny with a huge bright eye". Tubarina does not believe this until she actually sees the monster, which appears to be an observatory submarine. Later, when the princes and princesses are repainting the school with a special paint to make the building invisible to outsiders, they eventually run out of the paint. While Polvina and her friends are trying to find the sand required for the paint to work, Camarina has her friends block the sight of the submarine when the whales fail to catch its attention. Later, another group of shrimps find the sand and bring it back to the school "a grain at a time", allowing the repainting of the school to be completed, rendering it invisible to the submarine as its light reflects off it.

Camarina is 7 years old and has the sign of Capricorn.