Bonnie is an old woman who features in A Little Help. She lives in her dilapidated cottage, which she has been meaning to tidy up for ten years. She has two sons who live in the Farlands with their families. Bonnie understands the shark language due to knowing the Shark King since he was a baby. He would always ask for cuddles, leading him to be nicknamed "Cuddles".

When Tubarina, Ester and Polvina were playing with a zebra shark named Squirt, they accidentally knock her over while she was working in her garden. They return to her cottage the next day to check up on Bonnie, inadvertently discovering the mess in her house.

The next day, Bonnie became lost while going on a walk. Ester and Polvina were passing by as they were going to visit Bonnie, so they help her back to her house. Tubarina, the Shark King and Squirt are at Bonnie's cottage, inspecting the damage. After looking inside her house, the Shark King offers to show Bonnie a nicer home, thinking that Bonnie can't look after herself anymore. However, Bonnie does not want to move out of her home, so Ester and Polvina help clean Bonnie's house. This initially causes conflict with Tubarina, but after Squirt decides to help, Tubarina joins in as well.

The Shark King returns to visit Bonnie again, but he still cannot allow her to live alone, but after Squirt suggests that he look after Bonnie (and himself in return), the Shark King allows Bonnie to stay in her home.


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