• Yeonchi

    Christmas Update 2017

    December 24, 2017 by Yeonchi

    Merry Christmas everyone! I've got a quick update for you all!

    Unfortunately, I haven't heard anything new in relation to this series or the wiki over the past year, including information on any reruns, fansubs or YouTube reposts. This means that right now, Sea Princesses is still a lost series.

    As a result of the lack of information, I've been unable to update this wiki, meaning that I've had to go on hiatus since September this year. I don't intend on returning until I have enough episodes (whether English dubbed or subtitled) to make significant changes on this wiki, so I've unsubscribed from Wikia's email updates for the time being.

    In addition to this, I've noticed that some pages on this wiki have been vandalised by people who think the…

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  • Yeonchi

    Hello again!

    Well, it's been a year since Sea Princesses ended on ABC Me. Apart from the four episodes I have, I haven't been able to find any more dubbed episodes, which is really causing me a lot of frustration. Right now, Sally Bollywood is being rerun right now and that wiki has managed to have more detail in it than this one.

    I've been taking advantage of this "hiatus" to go through some personal stuff, so I haven't been following up with the fansub project . Then again, I haven't had any applications as of yet because I didn't make my posts on Facebook yet, so I guess I'll take it easy for now. The main priority for me on this wiki is to get more episodes of the English dubbed series, or get my fansub project underway. Only then can I …

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  • Yeonchi

    Hey everyone, just a quick update from me today.

    So recently, I became aware of the Lost Media Archive and seeing that Sea Princesses was on their requested articles list, I decided to create the article and recount the history of the mystery 4chan subber and the Z U C C I N G of Sea Princesses on YouTube.

    You can find the article here:

    Also, just a quick reminder that I'm still looking for interested individuals to help me with the subtitling of the series . Once again, if you are interested, please feel free to contact me via my Facebook page .

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  • Yeonchi

    Hello again! It's me.

    I'll be blunt. Ever since Sea Princesses got Z U C C E D on YouTube , I've been thinking of subbing the series myself. However, unlike the mystery 4chan subber, I can't do it alone. The raws I have don't have subtitles so they need to be timed, and I don't know a lot of Spanish, so I can't really do a lot about that. However, I would be more than happy to help with typesetting and encoding.

    Basically, for this group, I will be needing translators, timers and the like - basically the roles you can find in any fansub group. I don't want to hire just one because of efficiency reasons, so I will be needing backup and understudy roles as well. Translators will need to be fluent in both Spanish and English, obviously. Experie…

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  • Yeonchi

    Bad news, everyone. Remember when I was all excited about the mystery 4chan subber on YouTube? Turns out his videos got copyrighted by Endemol Shine (the company who owns the rights to Sea Princesses, formerly Southern Star Endemol).

    Obviously, this is bad news for Sea Princesses fans who have been looking for episodes in English. First, there is literally only one episode of the English dub on YouTube and even that got Z U C C E D . Secondly, the mystery subber only got up to four episodes of the first season before he got the Z U C C as well. He never even made it to the important episodes, which I desperately need to complete the character articles of the wiki.

    Even some episodes of the Hungarian dub got copyrighted as well. At this rate,…

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  • Yeonchi

    Good News and Salvation!

    February 24, 2017 by Yeonchi

    Right, so I've been praying and complaining over the past few months for the ABC (in Australia) to broadcast Sea Princesses again. So far, there hasn't been any signs of this happening, but recently, I discovered a couple of things that I think will interest you all.

    Firstly, a couple more episodes of Sea Princesses have been uploaded to YouTube with English voices. However, they are just the two episodes that I have also managed to salvage off iView (The Runaway Grandmother and Size Matters).

    However, this second piece of news is even more exciting than the first one. An unknown user has managed to download the Spanish-dubbed episodes and reupload them back to YouTube with English subtitles. At the time of writing, the user has only uploade…

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  • Yeonchi

    How are you, 2017?

    January 20, 2017 by Yeonchi

    I'm pretty sure no one ever reads these blogs, but if you are, I hope that you can help us with this wiki. I have a list of priority episodes on this blog post that contain new character details to be added. If you can help with those episodes, please contact me as I would really appreciate your help.

    Now, I'd like to tell you that I'm an absolute idiot. A couple of months ago, after Sea Princesses ended on ABC Me, I discovered a program I could use to download episodes from their catchup service. If I had discovered that program right at the start of last year when I started on this wiki, I would probably have made a bigger contribution to it, particularly with the transcripts (as there were links to them on the episode list).

    Regardless, I…

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  • Yeonchi

    Help Wanted!

    September 29, 2016 by Yeonchi

    Hey there! It's me again.

    So as of 1 October 2016, Sea Princesses has stopped broadcasting on ABC ME (formerly ABC3) in Australia. However, this doesn't mean that the ABC won't broadcast it again.

    Anyway, during the time that Sea Princesses was broadcast, I've tried my best to watch every episode and create pages for any missing characters. I must say, I'm proud of what I've done to improve the page so far, even if I've just worked on the character pages.

    However, as much as I've tried, I still cannot find any good-quality Sea Princesses episodes in English. The nearest thing I can find is 360p episodes from the Disney Channel in Spain, which you can see in the following YouTube playlists:

    Season 1:…

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  • Yeonchi

    I'm Yeonchi, and I believe that this wiki could do with a few more pictures and a bit more info.

    Currently (as of Feburary 1, 2016), Sea Princesses is broadcasting on ABC3 in Australia, so maybe contributors could screenshot some characters from the iView catch-up service.

    There are also Spanish and Portugese versions of this cartoon on YouTube. Screenshots could also be taken from there.

    I'm going to do the best I can to cover every character in the series, although I can't guarantee that I will be able to do them all since I am very busy at the moment.

    Hope to hear from you all!

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