Bia is the princess of the Abysmal Kingdom, responsible for maintaining order and taking care of the throne while her parents are travelling throughout the kingdom. Unlike the other princesses, she has private classes with Miss Marla at night because the daylight is too bright for her. Bia wears a white dress and carries a lantern on a staff. She can also put on a big, bossy voice, which can scare Salacians when they hear her. She also has a pet pelican eel named Slipper, who can also transport her around the Abysmal Kingdom. Like Bia, he also likes to scare others.

Many Salacians were afraid of Bia because they believed that the Abysmal Kingdom was haunted. However, she becomes best friends with Polvina, Ester and Tubarina, as they are the first princesses that she met in The Toy. Despite being seen among the audience in Stage Fright, Marli and Vivi are seen spreading rumours about Bia in the episode Rumours, saying that Bia is a strange creature with six tentacles. However, with help from her friends, Bia manages to convince the other princes and princesses that she is just like them.

Bia is 7 years old, and has the Zodiac of Sagittarius (♐).

Voice actors Edit

Roslyn Oades (English)
Victória Ficher (Brazilian Portuguese)
Ximena Marchant (Latin American Spanish)