Bia is the princess of the Abysmal Kingdom, responsible for maintaining order and taking care of the throne as the kingdom's ruler while her parents are travelling throughout the kingdom. She is known as one of the most beloved princesses of the school, but unlike the other princesses, she has private classes with Miss Marla at night because the daylight is too bright for her.

Bia has a lock of red hair, wears a white dress along with a crown modelled on an anglerfish and carries a lantern on a staff. She can also put on a big, bossy voice, which can scare Salacians when they hear her. She also has a pet pelican eel named Slipper, who can transport her around the Abysmal Kingdom. Like Bia, he also likes to scare others, but in the end, they are very friendly and they enjoy the company of others.

Many Salacians were afraid of Bia because they believed that the Abysmal Kingdom was haunted. In The Toy, Bia meets Polvina, Ester and Tubarina for the first time as they swim down into the Abysmal Kingdom to ask the Abysmal King and Queen about some writing on a card that Polvina found in a box with a small toy octopus. Though the girls were unable to speak to the Abysmal King and Queen, Bia translates the card, which was written in the ancient language of the Abysmal Kingdom, then takes the girls back up to Salacia with Slipper.

Bia appears again in The Big Game when Ester and Maurico head down to the Abysmal Kingdom to retrieve a ball. After briefly scaring Maurico, she introduces herself to him before she goes to separate a pair of giant squids (again), who are slinging mud at each other over "nothing much". Ester and Maurico use their flubberball sticks to deflect the mud back at them, pacifying the fight before Bia and Slipper take them back up.

In Rumours, Bia sends Slipper with a letter to Tubarina, Ester and Polvina, saying that she will be coming to visit them soon. When Marli and Vivi overhear this, they tell a few other princes and princesses who relay to each other a few rumours they have heard about the Abysmal Kingdom, such as that everyone from there has six arms, big eyes, lights on their head and huge fangs that "eat absolutely anything". After the three girls fail to convince the other princes and princesses that Bia is not what she seems, they set up an elaborate scheme with Bia and Slipper to do so. Eventually, Bia and the girls are unable to keep up the act and they reveal their act to the others, successfully convincing the other princes and princesses that she is just like them.

When Tubarina, Ester and Polvina believe that Ester's grandmother fell into the Abysmal Kingdom in The Runaway Grandmother, they head down in search for her, only to be chased by an anglerfish. They later meet Bia on the way to the Abysmal Palace and ask her whether they saw Ester's grandmother, but neither her nor the anglerfish have. Bia and the anglerfish take the girls back home, where Ester's grandmother was revealed to have been at the Starfish Palace all along.

Bia is 7 years old and has the Zodiac of Sagittarius (♐).

Notes Edit

  • Bia is known as one of the more "precocious" princesses, likely due to the fact that she has to act as the ruler of the Abysmal Kingdom while her parents are away travelling.
  • Bia is shown to be paler than the other princes and princesses because very little light reaches the Abysmal Kingdom.
  • In The Toy, Bia states that she does her schoolwork at home and that Miss Marla visits her once a month, which slightly contradicts the description given in the character details. This implies that she does not go to the same school as the other princes and princesses.
  • In Stage Fright, duplicates of Bia are shown in the audience during the performance. Though the duplicates of her and some other characters can be interpreted to represent random people, Bia's appearance would contradict her depiction in Rumours if taken at face value. It can be inferred that Bia was seen during the performance but since she is not seen interacting with anyone else in the episode, nobody knows who she is, justifying her depiction in Rumours where she is introduced to the others for the first time.

Voice actors Edit

Roslyn Oades (English)
Victória Ficher (Brazilian Portuguese)
Ximena Marchant (Latin American Spanish)