Barracudas are a species living in Salacia. They are known to be grumpy and dangerous, so they are feared by the Salacians. Apparently, according to a book in the Salacian library, the Barracuda royal family left on a journey and never returned. This remains a mystery to the Salacians. However, according to a message on a stone plaque found in a cellar in the Barracuda Royal Palace, the palace was destroyed by an earthquake causing the royal family to flee, but if the palace is rebuilt, the king and queen will return.

Plants called Shimmelbuds grow around the Barracuda Royal Palace. They do not grow naturally around Salacia, only in a place called the Valley of Dusk, which is where the royal palace is.

In The Lost Kingdom, Tubarina, Ester and Polvina encounter the lost palace of the Barracuda Kingdom to search for a Barracuda Princess. They are confronted by a large group of barracuda, but when they are shown the message that Polvina found in the cellar, the barracuda begin rebuilding the palace.

In The New Princess, it was speculated in legend that the Barracuda princess fell in love with a Drylander and left Salacia with her family. An unnamed girl was speculated to be a descendant of the Barracuda royal family, but this mystery remains unsolved.

Barracuda Palace